100% Satisfaction.

SGMC is an eBay Power Seller.

In fact, the worst complaint we’ve received is we overpack. So sorry not sorry, it will totally happen again. Know that you’re in good hands by looking at our eBay feedback. It’s awesome, and so are we.

What Makes Us Great?

We are human for one. No robots here. Yet. Seriously, we focus on the best sales, support, and customer satisfaction. When you’re happy, so are we. 

Treating others well is in our DNA, though it’s also a great business model. We are competing with Amazon and other globalist countries whose pockets are deep, yet their morals are not. We dedicate ourselves to giving you what you purchased, getting it to you fast, and actually desiring to keep you as a customer. Wild stuff, we know. 


We Want You to Succeed Too.

We could have taken our money and just dumped it into Bored Ape NFT’s. Maybe we should have first. Instead, we decided to build a $40,000 YouTube studio and new website so we can help other patriotic Americans succeed. In the age of Let’s Go Brandon, we could all use a way to network, learn, and have fun doing it. Safely. Launching Soon.

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